Convention Hotels Bring Local Dollars

More visitors to Portland means more visitor dollars being infused into the local economy.

The Numbers are Overwhelming

Comfort is the Key

“When you can get a great night’s sleep, grab a continental breakfast and then amble over to the convention… well, it just doesn’t get any better than that…”

What Are The Criteria?

“We need to find a convention center with great facilities and an adjacent hotel so we can all stay together and meet after hours. The less time we spend running around, the less it will cost us and the more productive our executive retreat we will be…”

Give Them Space

Most convention venues have their share of large spaces. The better ones have major hotels nearby to serve the visitors.

Don’t miss out because you can’t fill the bill.

Just What We Needed

“When we are at a convention, it is nice
to have a great room close by to relax
between meetings and sessions.”

No More Taxis, Please!

“We traveled 7,500 miles from Calcutta to get to the seminar. After all of the time spent in taxis and planes and trains to get here, we don’t want to take taxis to the meetings as well. Thankfully we are staying in a hotel that is right next to the convention center.”

“Some people are into low rate places, some people like to feel pampered. When my family travels to the yearly church convention, we prefer quality accommodations within walking distance of the meeting place…”

“Our organization traveled to Portland, Oregon for a conference at the Oregon Convention Center. We were forced to stay at several downtown hotels and wound up having to take the light rail and cabs across the river twice a day. It really cut into our budget and not one of the downtown hotels were willing to pick up our transportation expense. This is another reason that you need a convention center hotel”

Hotel Construction Brings Jobs

New hotel construction brings in millions of dollars in jobs and sales long before the hotel even opens.

What A No Brainer

“This new convention center hotel will not increase my income tax or my property taxes , it will not take away from school funding or anything else.. in fact the people that will be paying those lodging taxes are all people from out of town. What a no brainer!”

This Is Quality Hospitality

“Gentlemen, having this great room available to meet after hours is exactly why we selected a city that offered convention facilities with a major hotel immediately adjacent.”

Working Together

Everyone benefits when the economy is boosted.

Click to see how a Headquarter Hotel can bring millions to Portland

There's No Downside

” I really cannot see a downside to this proposed project. If the developer is putting up over 60% of the money up front and the rest is being handled through bonds and tax credits, the public really has nothing to lose. The bonds are paid back by the room taxes that will be generated by the additional new business that the convention center hotel will generate”

No Property Tax Increase

“The few individuals that are opposed to this convention center hotel obviously do not understand that this will not increase my property taxes, income taxes nor any other tax. The people that are paying the taxes are the people that are coming to the convention center hotel from out of town.

It’s simple and Portland wins all the way around”

More Jobs in the Community

“This is a great opportunity for not only construction jobs,
but also apprenticeships for minorities and those that have
been underserved for years, not to mention our returning vets…
the people that are opposing this project bring absolutely nothing to the table when it comes to community outreach…”

Pulling Up The Rear

“Portland is one of the few remaining major cities in America that does not have adequate lodging within a block of their award winning convention center… why?”

“Having top-notch meals available right across the street from the meeting place makes it easier to catch a meal between seminars. Little things like this made a big difference when our organization decided upon a convention location.”

The Oregon Convention Center is one of the premier
convention and meeting venues in the Pacific Northwest.

Having a major hotel with abundant rooms across the street
would entice a lot more groups to choose Portland.

Elegance is appealing.
Provide an elegant decor, great service and close proximity to events and you will have a popular destination.

Make it clean and friendly.

A convention center hotel should be clean, conveniently close and spacious with a warm and friendly feel to it.

If you build it, they will come.
If you make it wonderful, they will come back.
If you make it convenient, they will recommend you.

The quality of your down-time affects how you interact with others. You make the most of your convention experience when you can relax in a comfortable, quality hotel nearby.

We're A Pretty Large Group

“My organization is connected with at least seven other organizations. If Portland had a convention center hotel, we could bring our conventions and conferences to Portland and use not just the convention center hotel, but also those downtown hotels that offer upscale amenities for our board members and VIP speakers.”

Over 8,000 Spectators

Portland will be the sight of the 2016 Indoor Track and Field championships at  the Oregon Convention Center. Last time they were in the US was 1980. There are expected to be over 8,000 spectators and nearly half will be from out of town.
Where are they going to stay? 

Call Us When You Finish

My grocers network that I belong to would be glad to consider Portland for our annual meeting and convention once you have your convention center hotel built.

- A. J. Patel – New York

Portland, Oregon only has two union hotels.

Adding a union convention center hotel on the east side will give us more of a competitive advantage in attracting the larger groups that will only stay in union operated hotels.

“Portland is known for it’s fine convention center.
It is also known for not having any major ‘convention center’ style hotels near that fine convention center.

If Portland is ever to become a ‘Premiere Destination’ for meeting planners that must change.”

Convenient Location

Conveniently located on the Wilamette river.

Elegant Dining

Providing visitors with the finest in dining is a Portland priority.

Beautiful Views

Portland provides stunning views for our visitors to enjoy.

Ultimate Comfort

Comfort is the key to a good stay and convention experience.

Another Convention Center Headquarter Hotel Success Story. In Baltimore — Soon In Portland!

Another Convention Center Headquarter Hotel Success Story. In Baltimore — Soon In Portland!

During the period 2004 through 2006, HVS Convention Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting assisted the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) in the development of a new convention center headquarters hotel, connected to the Baltimore Convention Center. Our involvement included the initial conception of the project through its successful financing. HVS performed a hotel feasibility study and recommended the development of a 750-room property. Our analysis demonstrated that a publicly-financed hotel project of this size would be most feasible and provide the highest level of benefit to the City of Baltimore. HVS then assisted the BDC in running a competitive selection process for a development team….

“There are many ways that Portland lags significantly behind its competitors, which has prevented Portland from … booking groups that would otherwise select Portland without hesitation, (a) lack of a major anchor hotel adjacent or connected to the Oregon Convention Center; (b) a hotel product that is very spread out across multiple square miles; (c) multiple small hotels, resulting in diluted attendee blocks and numerous contracts… ” read more

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